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Holidays to Saint Lucia

St. Lucia Holidays

Feel Rejuvenated During Your Saint Lucia Holidays


Saint Lucia is an island country in the Caribbean Sea and spread over an area of 617 square kilometres. It is an ideal destination for those who are seeking complete rejuvenation. The island is also a perfect location for adventure seekers. Owing to a tropical weather and beautiful natural surroundings, Saint Lucia has become a preferred destination among many tourists. Travellers arrive on the island from different corners of the globe to witness its amazing views and natural waterfalls.


Eating out in Saint Lucia


Food in Saint Lucia is greatly influenced by the Creole, French and West Indian cuisines. The national dish is Green Figs and Salt Fish prepared using preserved fish and tender bananas. You would also love to eat the Bouyon, which is stewed fish, meat or chicken mixed with other ingredients like coconut and ground yams. Callaloo, which appears like a spinach soup, is made from the Dasheen plant leaves. You can enjoy the local delicacies during your St Lucia holidays in restaurants like Coal Pot and Rainforest Hideaway.


Places to visit in Saint Lucia


The Pitons are twin towering peaks of this country and rise from the sea to a height of more than 700 metres. Many tourists consider Marigot Bay as the most beautiful bay on the island, and this makes it a must-visit attraction. You can also make a trip to the Morne Coubaril Estate, a working plantation that grows cocoa, manioc, and coconuts. If you wish to take a break from sightseeing and enjoy some serenity, head to the Reduit Beach.


Fun things to do in Saint Lucia


The underwater cliffs of the Pitons can be explored by diving. Yachting can be enjoyed on the blue waters of Marigot Bay. Many of the tourists are reminded of their new york holidays upon sailing on the yachts. You can head to the Anse Chastanet Marine National Park to experience diving in its varying depths and to witness beautiful coral reefs. Zip-lining in the view of the magnificent Pitons can be yet another adventurous activity. You can enjoy a great shopping experience in the Gablewoods Mall, which houses many shops and restaurants.


Saint Lucia Nightlife


You may be under the impression that the nightlife on this island is restricted to a few crowded clubs with flashing lights. In reality, there are plenty of things to explore after sunset in this Caribbean island. Besides the local bars, there are some thrilling nightclubs like Doolittle's that have a good mix of drinks, music and dancing. The open-air Derek Walcott Center Theatre is another fabulous spot for nightlife, as it hosts some live shows on a regular basis.


Accommodation in Saint Lucia


Different types of accommodations are available for travellers in Saint Lucia, ranging from elegant hotels to rustic guesthouses. Other options in Saint Lucia are the condominiums and villas that are recommended for travellers who wish to stay longer on the island. You can get to your desired location in Saint Lucia using taxis, minibuses, car rentals or ferries.


Festivals in Saint Lucia


Independence Day is an important event in this island nation, as it marks the day of its independence from Great Britain in the year 1979. Another annual event is the Carnival, which is celebrated on the streets with great festivities that involve dancing and pageants. Saint Lucia Flower and Creole festivals are also celebrated in the country, which showcases its culture and traditions. Other festivals in Saint Lucia are Christmas, New Year's Eve and Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.


Best time to visit Saint Lucia


In the months of May and June, this island country experiences a pleasant weather with comfortable daytime temperatures. Although there are chances of showers as the summer approaches, you would find some excellent deals on hotel accommodations around this time of the year. The cheap holidays to St Lucia offered by Lowest2 further reduces your travel costs, giving you a sizeable amount of savings.

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