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Europe Holidays

European Holidays Allow You to Explore its Architectural Wonders


A continent considered to be the birthplace of western civilisation, Europe includes countries that are the favourite travel destinations of tourists globally. The European culture is largely influenced by the heritage of Roman Empire, which dominated this region between 27 BC and 395 AD. In recent times, the urban areas of many European countries have become multi-cultural to a great extent owing to the immigrants arriving in those regions from different nations of the world.


Food in Europe


Certain common characteristics among the continent’s dishes distinguish European cuisine them from the other popular cuisines of the world. The European holidays would give you the chance to savour some generous treats of meat and certain types of bread prepared mostly using the wheat flour. In the Roman era, the sweet and savoury dishes were commonly eaten in this region. Today, the sweet dishes are mostly as desserts.


Attractions in Europe


You would get to visit some of the greatest cities in the continent while touring Europe. Among them is Berlin, a city known for its historical significance and awe-inspiring museums, fashion stores and restaurants. Paris, the city of light, attracts plenty of tourists from different corners of the globe owing to its artistic charm, old churches, and a wonderful atmosphere. Istanbul, a city which was once the capital of the massive Byzantine and Ottoman empires is now visited by numerous travellers owing to its rich culture and history.


Fun activities in Europe


There are many exciting activities to try while holidaying in Europe, and each of them would be a unique experience for you. You can get to some of the most excellent places and beautiful sceneries by taking a bicycle ride. Sailing can be enjoyed in the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean. Go karting is provided at certain places with all the necessary training and equipment. In addition to these activities, you can also enjoy windsurfing, snorkelling and kayaking during your time spent in Europe.


Europe Nightlife


In Europe, almost every city has something or the other to offer for its visitors once the sun goes down. You would find some legendary clubs as well as more contemporary ones during your holidays in Europe to have some soothing drinks and dance to the exciting music played in them. At some places, you can also enjoy live musical performances by the most talented artists.


Stay in Europe


Most expensive of all the European hotels are mainly found in the western part of the continent, while the ones located in the eastern regions offer relatively low-priced hotel accommodations. In the expensive destinations that get most of the tourists annually, you would find several options available for varying budgets. Hostel stays are provided in many destinations throughout Europe, while some cities also have budget hotels and guesthouses for tourists.


Festivals in Europe


Grand celebrations can be witnessed in almost all the countries in Europe during the Christmas season and New Year's Eve. You can witness some of the most unusual revellers dressed in strange costumes during carnivals held in some of the countries in the continent at different times every year. Good Friday and Easter Monday is also celebrated with great zest and fervour by most of the countries in Europe. Events that celebrate arts and culture are also held in major European countries annually.


Best time to visit Europe


Weather remains largely pleasant during the months of July and August, while the hotel accommodations are offered at lower rates during the months of October and November. This makes the months of July, August, October and November the best times to visit this continent. Lowest2 offers cheap European holidays that give you the chance to bring down your travel costs to a great extent.

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