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Holidays to Algarve

Algarve Holidays

Algarve Holidays Make You Feel Refreshed


A popular holiday destination of Portugal, Algarve is located at the southernmost part of the country and is a major contributor to the nation's economy. It receives millions of tourists each year who are attracted to its beautiful cliffs, golden beaches and fascinating islands. After Madeira and Lisbon, Algarve has recently become Portugal's third-richest region as a result of its consistently growing tourism.


Eating out in Algarve


Residents of this region love to eat Feijoada de Buzinas, which is made using fish and is a delicious, filling and healthy dish. Another favourite of Algarve is the Caldeirada or 'Fish Stew', which is prepared with white fish, tomatoes, peppers, potato and onions. You can also enjoy a dish made with shellfish and maize meal called 'Xarem'. Your Algarve holidays give you the opportunity to relish the local dishes in some of its best restaurants, such as Eira do Mel and Adega Dom Pipas.


Places to visit in Algarve


Faro, the capital city, houses the international airport of Algarve and its Old Town has several attractions in store for travellers. Another excellent place to visit is Olhao, the busiest fishing port of this Portuguese region. Loule town is not only known for its vegetable and fruit market but is also famous for a Roman castle built during the 12th century. The Praia dos Salgados and Praia do Evaristo are among the two sandy beaches in the coastal region, Albufeira. Tourists who explore these gorgeous beaches are reminded of the beaches visited during their cheap holidays to sydney.


Fun things to do in Algarve


In Algarve, you can choose from a variety of outdoor activities to make your holiday in this region truly exciting. The waters near coastal areas have the right kind of waves for sailing and surfing. You can enjoy some thrilling activities like zip-lining in Albufeira. A few companies in Algarve offer dolphin-watching trips for tourists at the best prices. You can shop for souvenirs and gifts at the Forum Algarve, an open-air shopping centre located in Faro.


Nightlife in Algarve


As the sun goes down, Algarve wakes up to a fabulous nightlife with its music bars and nightclubs. You can grab your best drinks and enjoy the interesting atmosphere created at these places. Dining is made memorable during the evening at the beachside restaurants of this region. You can get to On the Rocks Bar and The Beach Bar to have a good time after sunset.

Accommodation in Algarve

A diverse range of options is available for tourists seeking an accommodation during their holidays in Algarve. From five-star accommodations to state-run luxury stays, hotels of all kinds can be found in this region. Tourists who are looking for cheaper options for their accommodation can stay in the apartments. Getting around in Algarve is made convenient for tourists with an efficient public transport system that involves trains and car rentals.


Festivals in Algarve


New Year's Eve and Christmas is celebrated with plenty of excitement and fun events in Algarve. Processions are taken out to honour the Christ and the region's Patron Saint during Good Friday and Easter Sunday. An interesting event to watch out for is the Loule Carnival held in the month of February. Splendid performances by Portuguese Orchestras can be witnessed during the month-long International Music Festival. The Shellfish Festival would give you an opportunity to explore different types of shellfish and to enjoy music and fireworks.


Best time to visit Algarve


Spring beginning from January and lasting until April is the best time to visit this region. Around this time of the year, the climate is pleasant with the required amount of warmth. Evenings can be cool with soothing breezes and flowers are in full bloom. There can be occasional rainy days during this period, but the skies are usually blue and sunny. Lowest2 offers holidays to Algarve at lower prices and include the best locations of the region.

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