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Holidays to Mykonos

Mykonos Holidays

Unwind in Relaxed Environs with Mykonos Holidays


Nicknamed 'The Island of the Winds', Mykonos is a gorgeous Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. It is visited by plenty of tourists from different parts of the world every year owing to its rich natural beauty and interesting ancient history. So, if you wish to have a memorable holiday far from bustling crowds and a hectic life, this Greek island would be one of the best destinations.

Eating out in Mykonos

During your Mykonos holidays, you would get the chance to savour some delectable dishes from the Greek cuisine. Among them is Mostra with Kopanisti which comprises wet rusks topped with a cheese made with cow's milk called Kopanisti, slices of tomato, and olive oil. You would also enjoy Louza made using pork dried under the sun and prepared using salt, pepper, and several other spices. Taste some of the delicious local treats at the Reeza Restaurant in the Rocabella Mykonos Hotel.

Places to visit in Mykonos

Upon booking your flights and accommodation several months in advance, you can get cheap holidays to Mykonos that help you have greater savings for exploring this Greek island. One of the attractions worth visiting is the Little Venice Quarter, which was built during the 16th and 17th centuries. You would also like to visit the Kato Mili located in the town of Chora. These windmills helped the Venetians harness the power of the wind. If you are looking out for an ideal beach for relaxation, visit the Platys Gialos Beach.

Fun things to do in Mykonos

The winding alleys of the Mykonos town would be ideal for taking a stroll and enjoying the fascinating sights of white houses with blue-coloured doors and windows, stylish shops, and trendy bars. You can take a boat trip to the island of Delos, which is home to an intriguing archaeological site. For some unique shopping experiences, head to the alleyways of Mykonos town.

Nightlife in Mykonos

Mykonos wakes up to an exciting nightlife after sunset. This is the time when all the elegant bars and nightclubs come alive with some fabulous music from talented DJs and lots of partying the entire night. You can either have a drink in any of the beach bars or head to the most popular venues for after-dark excitement. One of them is the at54 Club & Lounge Mykonos, which serves an excellent range of drinks and has a lively atmosphere and fantastic music.

Accommodation in Mykonos

Accommodations on this island are available in different types based on your budget and preferences. The most comfortable and convenient option is to book any of the hotels that provide modern amenities and tastefully designed rooms or suites. If you plan to spend a long holiday on this island destination and have your entire family accompanying you, stay in an apartment or a villa. For budget-conscious travellers, a stay in one of the hostels would be a good choice.

Festivals in Mykonos

Besides Christmas and New Year, there are many festivals on this Greek island that are celebrated with great zest and fervour. One of them is the Balosia feast, which is held in January and celebrates the opening of the sailing season. Yet another popular feast is Agios Charalambos held in February. The Mykonos Summer Festival is one of the greatest cultural events on the island and celebrated with a series of performances related to music and art. 

Best time to visit Mykonos

Summer from June to August is a peak tourist season. If you wish to save more on accommodations, visit the island during the autumn month of September or October. Another good time to have greater savings on accommodations is the period from November to March. Spring months of April and May would also be a wonderful time to explore this Greek island. Save more and have a memorable time in Mykonos with the cost-effective packages offered by Lowest2.

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