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Holidays to Majorca

Majorca Holidays

Witness a Majestic Island Destination with Majorca Holidays


Majorca, also known as Mallorca, is the largest of all Balearic Islands of Spain located in the Mediterranean Sea. The name of this island is derived from the Medieval Latin word 'Maiorica', which literally translates as 'the larger one'. Over the years, it has become an immensely popular island destination visited by plenty of tourists every year. Located off the coast of the island are two smaller islands, Dragonera and Cabrera.


Food in Majorca


The Majorcan cuisine makes use of fresh vegetables, seafood, meat, olive oil and generous quantities of garlic. All the traditional dishes are prepared using the local ingredients. You would like to savour the typical rice dish of this region called Arros Brut. Do not miss Lechona Asada, a local variety of roasted pig eaten usually during Christmas. For the best seafood as well as some mouth-watering varieties of local and international dishes, visit the Kingfisher Restaurant.

Places to visit in Majorca


Palma, the capital city of Majorca is a place worth exploring, especially with some centuries-old structures, such as Catedral de Mallorca and Castillo de Bellver. You can also get a glimpse of the island's glorious past by visiting the Old Town of Alcudia. While getting around in this walled medieval town, you would come across lush green surroundings and pine forests. It also has some historic buildings like the Baroque chapel of Sant Crist. The beaches of Llucmajor and the scenic village of Valldemossa are a few other attractions worth visiting.


Fun Activities in Majorca


A one-hour boat tour from Cala Figuera district to the picturesque beach of Calo des Moro would give you the chance to witness the rugged south-eastern coastline of this Balearic island. You can also indulge in swimming or snorkelling in the clear waters surrounding this beach. If you take an excursion to the Soller town by train, tram, or bus, you can witness some mesmerising natural surroundings. The sea caves of Cova des Coloms would be ideal for you to enjoy some caving adventures.


Nightlife in Majorca


While holidaying on this fascinating island destination, you can enjoy a vibrant nightlife in its lively bars and nightclubs. Most of them are located in the capital city of Palma. If you wish to enjoy your drink rather quietly, visit the Garito Cafe. However, if you are in search of a thrilling atmosphere and want to dance and party all night, head to Tito's Mallorca International Club.


Options for stay in Majorca


Choices in accommodation on this island range from apartments to the elegant hotels. All accommodation types in Majorca have been classified and assigned a particular grade by the local government. For a long time, the hotels rated from one to five stars dominated the island's tourism industry. In recent times, the popularity of apartments and holiday villas has been on the increase. Boutique hotels that are located in the villages can be a good option if you are on the lookout for a quieter setting.


Festivals of Majorca


No matter what time of the year it is, you would always find some event taking place in this island destination. Besides the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the carnival of this island called Sa Rua celebrated on the onset of Lent is also a grand event. Easter is also celebrated with extravagant parades and special church services. You can also witness grand festivities in Soller during the Es Firo Festival.

Best time to be in Majorca


Book your stays several months in advance if you are planning to visit during the peak season between June and September. The room rates of hotels drop a little in late fall and early winter between October and December. Winter months of January and February would be an ideal time to get some excellent deals on flights and hotels. The best time to visit Majorca would be from March to May when this island enjoys mild temperatures and you can have an affordable accommodation.

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