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Holidays to Antalya

Antalya Holidays

Visit the Charming Turkish City with Antalya Holidays

Antalya is among the most populous cities in Turkey with the Taurus Mountains bordering its south-west coast. The city was once seen as the place that led to the Turkish Riviera. Today, it is one of the popular tourist destinations visited by millions of individuals from different parts of the world. Antalya is a modern city with a classical charm that comes from the restored houses belonging to the Ottoman era.

Food in Antalya

The signature dish of Antalya is Piyaz, which is a Turkish salad made from dry beans, onion, sumac and parsley. Another local delicacy of the city is Hibes, which is made using ingredients like olive oil and crushed garlic. Your Antalya holidays would also give you the chance to taste Domates Civesi. Vanilla and 7 Mehmet are the popular restaurants in the city where you can taste the local dishes.

Places to visit in Antalya

If you are interested in the history of Turkey, a visit to the Antalya Museum is a must. Another historical attraction is the Aspendos, an archaeological site that houses an ancient Roman theatre. The most fabulous landmark of the city is Yivli Minare, which was built by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad during the early thirteenth century. Hadrian's Gate, built in honour of the visit by Emperor Hadrian in AD 130 also makes for an interesting visit. Lara and Konyaalti are the two fascinating beaches where you can unwind after your sightseeing trips.

Activities in Antalya

You can enjoy wakeboarding with the help of some professional wakeboarders at a wakeboard park called Hip-Notics. Rafting can be done in the wildly running waters at the Koprulu Kanyon National Park. If you are travelling to Antalya during its mild winters you would get the opportunity to indulge in some skiing at Saklikent. The elegant shops in the MMM Migros mall give you the opportunity to shop for your desired items.

Nightlife in Antalya

While holidaying in the Turkish city, Antalya, you can get to witness a vibrant and colourful nightlife. A number of bars, discos, and pubs are thronged by tourists and locals alike to enjoy live music and the best drinks. One of the places most preferred for having an exciting time after dark is the Marina. Club 29 is one of the biggest clubs located in this area, which functions as a restaurant, club and bar.

Accommodation in Antalya

Most of the luxury hotels in this city are located at Lara, which includes beach hotels. If you are not concerned about budgets, such hotels can provide luxurious accommodations with all the latest facilities. The Old Town, also known as Kaleici, has small guest houses that provide budget stays. Those looking for cheaper options can find some good hostels in Antalya. Buses, minibuses, taxis, and trams are some of the options that you have in order to get around in the city.

Festivals in Antalya

The New Year's Eve is celebrated every year with great festivities. Kurban Bayrami and Seker Bayrami are the two festivals celebrated by the Muslims of the region. The Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival showcases the works of local as well as international film producers. Both international and local pianists come together for a musical event called the Antalya Piano Festival. Other important festivals celebrated in this part of the world are Antalya International Sand Sculpture Festival and Antalya International Jazz Festival.

Best time to visit Antalya

The weather in Antalya is characterised by high temperatures in the summer months and mildly wet winters. During the peak tourist season, the city is crowded to a great extent. The best time to visit this region is from the month of September to mid-December, when there are lesser crowds and hotels offer off-season discounts. The holidays in antalya offered by Lowest2 help you visit the city’s popular locations and have greater savings. You can also explore another exotic destination after spending a memorable time in Antalya by booking cheap holidays to Ras Al Khaimah.

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