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Holidays to Istanbul

Istanbul Holidays

Istanbul Holidays Take You to Its Marvellous Attractions


Founded as Byzantion in the year 660 BCE, Istanbul is Turkey's historic, cultural and economic centre and links the Asian and European continents with the Bosphorus strait. It was also known as Constantinople when it was ruled by the Roman and Byzantine empires. The popularity of Istanbul increased significantly after it was named the European Capital of Culture by the European Union. As a result, it is now visited by millions of tourists annually from various parts of the globe.


Eating out in Istanbul

Egg-based delicacies like the Kaygana and Menemen is eaten for breakfast in this Turkish city. You can also enjoy Iskender Kebab during your Istanbul holidays in the restaurants of the city. Several options are available for vegetarians, such as the Kuru Fasulye. For Dessert, you can have Baklava, which consists of layers of pastry filled with dry fruit and honey. You can relish Istanbul's delicacies at the Buhara Ocakbasi and Constantine's Ark restaurants.


Tourist attractions in Istanbul

Besides Hagia Sophia, one of Istanbul's most famous landmarks, there is another cherished architectural wonder in this city called the Blue Mosque. It was built in the early seventeenth century by Sultan Ahmet. The Basilica Cistern also attracts the tourists visiting Istanbul with its enormous columns and rows. The Suleymaniye Mosque is yet another recognised landmark of the city. If you wish to take a break from travelling and unwind, head to the Burc and Uzunya beaches.


Fun things to do in Istanbul

You can take a boat ride on the Goksu River and explore the Turkish coast with some amazing sceneries on the way. The surroundings of Black Sea coast are abundant in natural beauty, which would relax you instantly. Upon embarking on a jeep safari, you can enjoy a journey through Izmit's forest trails and dusty tracks and have some refreshing halts at the mountain villages. If you wish to have a great shopping experience, visit the Viaport Marina, which has about 154 shopping units.


Istanbul Nightlife

There is everything in Istanbul to make your time after dark a memorable affair. You can find a variety of clubs, live music venues, bars and cafes to have an exciting nightlife during your holidays spent in this Turkish city. Some of them are so stylish that you would get the feeling of being on your las vegas holidays upon visiting them. Rooftop bars are the latest additions to the city's nightlife spots. Dogzstar and Anjelique are two of the most excellent bars where you can enjoy Istanbul’s best offerings after sunset.


Accommodation in Istanbul

For those who have no concerns about budgets, there are some luxurious five-star hotels in Istanbul that offer well-furnished rooms with all the modern facilities. If you have limited budgets, the city has some budget hotels and apartment rentals as well. The presence of an efficient public transport system involving metro trains, trams, ferries, buses, minivans and taxis helps you in reaching your desired location in the city.


Istanbul Festivals

The New Year's Eve is celebrated with great festivities in the city. Muslims celebrate Kurban Bayram or the Feast of Sacrifice every year to commemorate the spirit of Prophet Ibrahim's sacrifice. The end of the holy month of Ramadan is marked with a three-day festival. A cultural event held in the months of June and July annually, the International Istanbul Music Festival features the best performers of classical music, ballet and opera.

Best time to visit Istanbul

During summers, there is a considerable rise in temperatures as well as rates of hotel rooms. Winters are cold, snowy, and rainy, which keeps most of the tourists away from the city. The best time to visit Istanbul is from the month of September to November when there are lesser crowds, pleasant daytime temperatures and reductions in room rates. The holidays to Istanbul offered by Lowest2 include the best destinations at affordable prices.

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