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Far East Holidays

Celebrate Cultural Diversity with Far East Holidays


The Far East has some exciting holiday destinations in store for you, which offer an excellent blend of amazing cultures, fascinating beaches and delicious cuisines. These places give you true value for money with their vast expanses of beautiful landscapes, heartwarming hospitality and heritage sites. Every country in the far east has its own unique offerings that provide you with the right doses of fun and adventure.


Food in the Far East


Countries of the Far East have their own unique culinary tradition that dates back thousands of years. Rice is an inseparable part of the cuisines in this region, and you can enjoy it with the mouth-watering curries or side dishes. Although you can get all the popular international dishes during your Far East holidays in the region’s popular countries, the restaurants mainly serve the amazing varieties of local delicacies. Green vegetables, onions, chicken, pork and seafood are some of the common ingredients used in preparing these dishes.


Attractions in the Far East


During your time spent in the Far East, you would get the chance to visit some exotic countries that have a rich and varied cultural heritage. In some countries, there are impressive structures with an interesting history. Others offer beautiful coastlines that comprise of sandy beaches and clear, blue waters. You can also find destinations with an abundance of ultra-modern structures and skyscrapers that are brilliant examples of contemporary architecture.


Things to do in the Far East


Both leisure travellers and adventure-seekers can have excellent choices in activities to be enjoyed in the countries of the Far East. You can visit the outdoor markets and shop for your favourite items to take home as gifts or souvenirs. Embark on cruises and explore the floating markets and nearby villages. Swim with some amazing dolphins or go trekking in the magnificent hills that offer awe-inspiring views of the surroundings. 


Far East Nightlife


Some of the cities in the Far East wear an even more elegant look after dark than most of their counterparts in the western world. They have everything that would make your nightlife in this region truly exciting. High-end cocktail bars, upscale nightclubs, billion-dollar casinos, and venues for pool parties are some of the nightlife offerings you can expect in the Far East.


Stay in the Far East


One of the few advantages of touring the Far East is the cheaper accommodation that the countries in this region provide in comparison with the relatively expensive hotels and resorts in western countries. The standards of accommodation depend upon the region you have chosen for your holiday. The world-class cities have stylish hotels and resorts, while the low-profile towns would offer modest stays. Backpackers can benefit from the cheaper stays offered by hostels and guesthouses.


Far East Festivals


The global festivals like Christmas and New Year are celebrated in almost all countries in the Far East with awe-inspiring illuminations and festivities. However, the local festivals are also celebrated in this region with equal zest and fervour. The countries with Buddhism as their major religion have festivals that celebrate the major Buddhist events. Nations with a Muslim majority celebrate the major Islamic festivals like Eid. In addition to the religious festivals, some popular music and film festivals are also held in the Far East.

Best time to visit the Far East


The climate in the Far East varies from one country to another and every destination has its own season that would be ideal for tourists. The patterns of weather vary greatly even within the regions of some of its countries. It is, therefore, necessary that you plan your holidays well in advance after carefully considering the climatic conditions of your chosen destination in the Far East. You can plan your holidays to Far East in some of the region’s best destinations with Lowest2.