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Holidays to Jakarta

Jakarta Holidays

Explore the J-Town with Jakarta Holidays


The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is the country's political, financial, and cultural hub with the second largest metropolitan area in the world. Fondly called J-Town, the city is full of surprises and amazing contrasts, which is evident from the towering high-rises, colonial-era buildings, green spaces, and cultural centres co-existing peacefully at one place. Getting around in Jakarta can be a wonderful experience, given the city's good-natured population, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and lively streets.


Eating out in Jakarta


You would relish Nasi Uduk, which comprises of cooked rice wrapped in a banana leaf and fried chicken. Another delicacy worth trying during your Jakarta holidays is Gado-Gado, made using steamed or boiled vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, rice cakes and mixed with peanut sauce. Sop Buntut is a spicy and tangy soup eaten with white rice and Sambal. A visit to Namaaz Dining would give you the chance to taste the mouth-watering local treats.


Places to visit in Jakarta


Among the most important attractions of the city is Museum Nasional or National Museum of Indonesia, where you can explore the nation's culture and history. You would also be delighted to visit Monas or the National Monument, an attractive tower located at Merdeka Square. The Istiqlal Mosque is another interesting attraction to explore, as it is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. If you wish to relax and enjoy the sunset, head to Ancol Beach located to the north of Jakarta.


Fun activities in Jakarta


One of the best outdoor activities to indulge in while holidaying in the city is a sailing trip to Thousand Islands to the north of the city. You can take some surfing lessons from experienced instructors by heading to Pelabuhan Ratu, which is a 3-hour drive from the city. Paragliding can be enjoyed at Puncak, which is a mountain pass in West Java and a favourite weekend destination for the residents of Jakarta. For a memorable shopping experience, visit Plaza Indonesia located in central Jakarta.


Nightlife in Jakarta


Jakarta has no shortage of nightclubs and bars, and you can find some of the most elegant ones in the city's five-star hotels. You would have an exciting time after dark in the Colosseum Club, a massive hub for nightlife and entertainment located in the western part of Jakarta. It has an expansive dance floor, a world-class laser, and a breath-taking lighting system. It is highly recommended for the fans of EDM and bass heavy house music.


Accommodation in Jakarta


For those who are not concerned about costs, the five-star hotels from world-famous brands in Jakarta offer elegant rooms and suites that are equipped with the latest facilities. Budget hotels and apartments can be an excellent choice for tourists with mid-range budgets. People travelling on tight budgets can choose to stay in boarding rooms called 'Kamar Kost', capsule hotels, or dorm-style hostels. You can get around in Jakarta using trains, taxis, 'Ojeks' or motorcycle taxis, and 'Bajajs' or two seater auto rickshaws.


Festivals in Jakarta


Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations in Jakarta mostly take place in the elegant hotels in the city. Idul Adha and Idul Fitri are major festivals in the city as in most of the other parts of Indonesia and are celebrated with great zest by the locals. Although the Chinese population accounts for roughly two percent, they celebrate Chinese New Year with great festivities. The Jakarta Fair, held annually in June and July features exhibitions, shows, musical performances, food festival, and offers fabulous shopping opportunities.  


Best time to visit Jakarta


During the dry season from May to October, you can enjoy your favourite outdoor activities while holidaying in the city owing to lesser rains. This makes the dry season an ideal time to be in the Indonesian capital. Lowest2 offers cheap holidays to Jakarta that include the best offerings of this city and gives you a significant amount of savings.








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