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Japan Holidays Allow You To Explore Its Rich Traditions


Japan appears to be an extremely modernised nation on the surface, but the nation's ancient traditions are fused well into its contemporary lifestyle. While getting around in its cities after sunset, you would be amazed at the surreal appearance of the streets that are lined up with neon-lit buildings. The country's natural attractions are also mesmerising, with mountains that abound with hot springs and islands that are highly volcanic. What truly fascinates tourists of Japan is the rich traditions that have been kept alive by its people since centuries.


Eating out in Japan


The most popular Japanese preparation is Sushi, which is basically raw fish served on rice and slightly seasoned with vinegar. In every street corner of the country, you can find Ramen, a noodle soup containing fish, chicken, pork, or beef, depending on the place you are in. Another form of food popular in this part of the world is Tempura, a selection of seafood and vegetables coated with batter and fried in sesame oil. You can enjoy a good variety of local delicacies during your Japan holidays at the Tapas Molecular Bar.


Places to visit in Japan


While holidaying in Japan, a must-visit attraction is the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, which has awe-inspiring 17th-century parks, including the East Higashi-Gyoen Garden. A visit to the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park would allow you to explore its famous attraction, Mount Fuji. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is also worth visiting for its commemoration of the world's first nuclear attack in the form of exhibits and memorials. You would have a wonderful time relaxing on the Sunayama Beach, located in Okinawa.


Fun activities in Japan


If you are visiting Japan during winters, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in skiing and snowboarding. The majestic mountains in the country give you the chance to embark on hiking trips that reward you with some scenic views. Such trips often remind some tourists of the natural surroundings explored during their cheap vietnam holidaysScuba diving and snorkelling can be enjoyed in the crystal-clear waters near Japan’s exquisite islands. You can enjoy shopping and explore the fabulous offerings of Tokyo Solamachi, an elegant mall located beneath Tokyo's Sky Tree.


Nightlife in Japan


Both locals and tourists would have a fantastic nightlife in Japan with the presence of many popular bars and nightclubs. Some clubs offer a perfect environment for their visitors to dance until the early hours of the morning. You would find a spacious dance floor, excellent lighting and a great sound system upon visiting Womb, a popular nightclub in Tokyo.


Accommodation in Japan


You can enjoy luxurious stays in any of the famous international hotels located mostly in the larger cities across Japan. You can enjoy cheap holidays to Japan by staying in cost-effective types of accommodations, such as capsule hotels and Japanese-style bed and breakfasts called Minshuku. Getting around in Japan is made easier with the help of domestic flights, bullet trains, buses, ferries and taxis.


Festivals in Japan


Christmas and New Year's Eve is celebrated in Japan mostly by the younger crowd with great enthusiasm. Among the most popular traditional festivals is Gion Matsuri, which falls in the month of July and witnesses a grand procession called Yamaboko Junko. You can head to the Tokushima City in the month of August to enjoy the country's largest traditional dance festival, Awa Odori. The snow festival called Yuki Matsuri is held in the month of February and involves a grand contest of huge snow sculptures.


Best time to visit Japan


Autumn from October to late November is a time when you can witness the maple trees in a variety of beautiful colours, making it the best time to visit Japan. Winter can be an ideal season to visit for those who love snow and winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. The Japan holiday packages from Lowest2 are offered at attractive prices and include the best attractions.