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Holidays to Hiroshima

Hiroshima Holidays

Visit a Peace-loving Japanese City with Hiroshima Holidays


Hiroshima is the largest city in Chugoku region on the Honshu island of Japan and is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture. Known worldwide as the first city in history where a nuclear bomb was dropped, Hiroshima has emerged as a thriving and peace-loving cosmopolitan city in recent times. Tourists visiting this city would come across many attractions, especially the ones that remind them of the day when it was shattered by atomic bombing, and the devastation left behind by the incident.


Eating out in Hiroshima


Among the most popular dishes of this Japanese city is the Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki that comprises of noodles topped with cabbage and other ingredients like squid, oysters, and cheese. Seafood in this part of the world is highly nutritious and a generous serving of Kakiya Teishoku gives you the chance to savour some delicious oysters. If you are craving for something spicy, a dish consisting of noodles and a broth called Tsukemen would be an ideal choice. You can relish these mouth-watering treats at the Seasonal Cuisine Nakashima restaurant.


Places to visit in Hiroshima


One of the must-visit attractions in this city is Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, which has grounds and gardens with beautiful cherry blossoms and commemorates the victims of world's first nuclear attack. A visit to Hiroshima City Asa Zoological Park would give you the opportunity to witness numerous species of wild animals. The Mitaki-dera and Fudoin Temples are also worth visiting for their marvellous architecture and beautiful surroundings. You can enjoy some pleasant moments on the Sunset Beach located along Shimanami Kaido.


Fun activities in Hiroshima


You would enjoy kayaking along the Otagawa River with the equipment rented from the local service providers. The hiking expeditions through the bamboo forest behind Mount Mitakiyama is another exciting activity to indulge in. An early-morning walking tour around the Hiroshima Castle gives you the chance to enjoy some charming views. For a great shopping experience, visit the Aeon Mall located in the Asaminami Ward.


Nightlife in Hiroshima


If you are looking out for an exciting time after dark in Hiroshima, there are some fantastic choices in bars, pubs, discos, and nightclubs in the city. Some of them are extremely popular among the locals and tourists alike, with some live band performances and DJs. One of them is Cross, which features some thrilling soul and funk music and is a wonderful place to enjoy soothing drinks and dance to the numbers spun by talented DJs.


Accommodation in Hiroshima


For varying budgets, Hiroshima offers different choices in accommodation ranging from expensive hotels to low-cost stays for backpackers. If an expensive accommodation is what you are looking for, any of the elegant hotels from internationally renowned brands would be an ideal choice, as they have rooms and suites well-equipped with the latest facilities. You can also opt for Japanese-style hotels called 'Ryokans'. Those looking for cheaper accommodations can choose to stay in guest houses or hostels. Getting around in the city is made convenient with trains, trams, buses, taxis, and ferries.


Festivals in Hiroshima


Christmas and New Year's Eve are celebrated with some dazzling display of lights at certain places in the city. The Kaki Matsuri or Oyster Festival gives you the chance to enjoy fun events at various locations. Another fabulous event is the Hiroshima Flower Festival, which features floral decorations and music at the Peace Boulevard. Toukasan Festival marks the advent of summer and is a great time for locals to move around in their traditional summer costumes.


Best time to visit Hiroshima


The spring months of March and April, and autumn months of September and October are the ideal times to visit Hiroshima. During these times, the climate is extremely pleasant and favourable for outdoor activities. You can enjoy greater savings and best offerings of this city with the cheap holidays to Hiroshima offered by Lowest2.








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