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Holidays to Nagasaki

Discover a Vibrant and Charming City with Nagasaki Holidays


Nagasaki, the capital and largest city of the Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan's Kyushu island, is world-renowned for being the place where the second atomic bomb was dropped towards the end of the Second World War. Today, it is a vibrant and charming destination that any tourist would love to be in. While holidaying in this Japanese city, you would come across many historic attractions and places of worship, such as churches, temples, and shrines.


Food in Nagasaki


One of the traditional dishes to try in the city is Kakuni, made using braised belly of pork cut into thick cubes and simmered in soy sauce, sugar, and a few other ingredients. You would also like the Sasebo Burger, which mostly contains bacon and egg. Another delicacy worth savouring is Guzouni, prepared with rice cakes, meat and several ingredients in a light soup. You can taste some of the finest delights of the city during your Nagasaki holidays at the Washoku Yohira restaurant.


Tourist attractions in Nagasaki


A must-visit attraction in the city is the Nagasaki Peace Park, which commemorates the atomic bombing of 1945. Another interesting place is Gunkanjima, an island abandoned after the closure of its mining facility. You would get to witness some vacant residences and mining facilities on this island. The Nagasaki Confucius Shrine is also worth visiting for its architectural beauty and the Historical Museum of China housed in it. You can take a break from sightseeing and unwind on the Takahama Beach.


Fun things to do in Nagasaki


You can take a glass-paneled ropeway ride to the peak of Mount Inasa after dark to enjoy the picturesque views of lights from streets, houses, and buildings. A kayaking tour around the Tsushima Island would be an exciting activity to try while holidaying in Nagasaki. Upon taking a boat cruise to the Saikai National Park, you can get the chance to explore numerous small and large islands. For a fantastic shopping experience in the city, visit Mirai Nagasaki Cocowalk.


Nightlife in Nagasaki


When the sun goes down and the lights are switched on, the city looks even more beautiful with the illuminations. You can expect food, drinks, and music in the region's finest bars and clubs. Among them is Panic Paradise, a basement club that hosts the best local artists and musicians and offers a good selection of beers or cocktails upon your visit to this club, which remains open until 4:00 am.


Stay in Nagasaki


If you wish to enjoy a luxurious stay in the city, there are some elegant hotels that have well-appointed rooms or suites. For mid-range budgets, there are decent inns and capsule hotels that are equipped with basic facilities for their guests. Those looking for cheaper places to stay can opt for hostels with well-maintained rooms or dormitories. Trams or buses can be used to get to your chosen location in the city.


Festivals in Nagasaki


The Nagasaki Lantern Festival, celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar, marks the beginning of Chinese New Year. Cherry blossoms can be witnessed at numerous shrines and parks during the Hanami or Cherry Blossom Festival. Among the most popular festivals of the city is Nagasaki Kunchi Festival, celebrated with music, dance, and parades on the streets in the month of October. The city celebrates Children's Day by hanging dolls inside the homes and eating rice cakes that are cooked in bamboo leaves.


Best time to visit Nagasaki


From the month of April to June and the period from September to November, you can experience a pleasant weather in Nagasaki with comfortable daytime temperatures, making them the best times to be in the city. The cheap holidays to Nagasaki offered by Lowest2 would bring down your travel costs to a great extent and give you the chance to enjoy the city’s best offerings.

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