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Holidays to Tokyo

Witness Japan’s Capital City with Tokyo Holidays


Located in the Kanto region of Japan, Tokyo is the country's capital and the seat of the Japanese government and the Emperor of Japan. It appears like a futuristic city, especially in the evenings, when its neon-lit streets come alive. The city is also home to some amazing architectural marvels, including the Tokyo Sky Tree, which is one of the tallest towers in the world. While holidaying in Tokyo, you would also come across the city's mega malls, elegant restaurants, and an excellent public transport system.


Food in Tokyo


One of the delicious treats to savour during your Tokyo holidays is Sushi, a Japanese preparation that involves vinegared rice, combined with ingredients like seafood or vegetables. Another delicacy worth trying is Bara Chirashi, which comprises of rice topped with bits of seafood, omelette strips, and vegetables. You would also enjoy Tempura made using battered and deep fried vegetables. If you wish to relish some excellent varieties of local dishes, visit the Ise Sueyoshi restaurant.


Tourist attractions in Tokyo


A major attraction in the city is the Imperial Palace located in Marunouchi district, which is still used by the imperial family. The Sensoji Temple in Asakusa district is also worth visiting. You can also explore the National Museum of Nature and Science, one of the oldest museums in Japan with interesting exhibits of prehistoric creatures, traditional outfits, and robotics. If you wish to enjoy some relaxed moments, head to the Kasai Kaihin Park Beach.


Fun things to do in Tokyo


Upon taking a boat cruise on Lake Ashi, you would get the opportunity to witness awe-inspiring views of Mount Fuji and other peaks in the distance. A hiking trip in Machida allows you to escape the concrete jungle and hustle-bustle of the city and interact with local farmers in their fields. In the neighbouring Okutama area, you can enjoy abseiling in the green canyons and descend into crystal-clear natural pools. You can have a fantastic shopping experience at the Tokyu Plaza Ginza.


Nightlife in Tokyo


Tokyo can be one of the world's most exciting cities to be in after dark. Other than the neon lights, you would come across several restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that are highlights of the city's nightlife. Among the most thrilling clubs is AgeHa, which is the city's largest club and is often described as a mega club. It features three dance floors, bars, and events that involve world-class DJs.


Accommodation in Tokyo


You can enjoy a luxurious stay in any of the high-end international hotels located in or around Shinjuku, Akasaka, and Tokyo station if you are not worried about costs. There are some excellent budget hotels in the city for mid-range budgets. Those who are looking out for cheaper accommodations can stay in capsule hotels or backpackers hotels with dorm-style accommodations. Getting around in the city is made convenient with the presence of a highly efficient transport system that involves trains, buses, and taxis.


Festivals in Tokyo


Music and lion dances can be witnessed during Sanja Matsuri, a festival celebrated in the third weekend of May. Among the other popular festivals is Kanda Matsuri, during which, people dressed in Heian-era costumes escort the elaborately decorated 'mikoshi' or the divine palanquin through the streets. You would also witness the processions of mikoshi during the Sanno Matsuri, which takes place in even-numbered years. Christmas and New Year's Eve are celebrated in certain places with parties and illuminations.


Best time to visit Tokyo


From the month of September to November, there is a gradual fall in heat, humidity, and tourist crowds. This is the best time to visit Tokyo, as you would experience pleasant daytime temperatures that are ideal for enjoying the outdoor activities. The cheap holidays to Tokyo offered by Lowest2 not only include the best offerings of this city but also gives you a significant amount of savings.





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