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Holidays to Krabi

Krabi Holidays

Krabi Holidays Take You to a Beautiful Thai Town


Krabi is among the ideal locations in Thailand for those seeking a relaxed holiday. It is the capital of Krabi province and is located on southern Thailand's western coast. The charming surroundings of the town and its laid-back atmosphere have been attracting plenty of tourists, especially backpackers, from different corners of the world. During your holiday in this part of Thailand, you would get to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings and delicious food.


Eating out in Krabi

Your Krabi holidays would give you the chance to relish the mouth-watering treats that this town offers. Among them is Pad Cee Yu, a tasty dish that comprises of green vegetables and thick noodles. The spicy Tom Yum soup is another popular delicacy to enjoy, not only in this town but also in several other places in the country. The stir-fried Pad Pak Boong would be a good way to add some green vegetables to your meal. You can have authentic local delights in a restaurant called Jungle Kitchen located in Ao Nang.


Places to visit in Krabi

One of the best attractions of Krabi town is the Khao Khanab Nam mountains, the two limestone cliffs that have a river running between them. The Wat Tham Sua or Tiger Cave Temple is situated amidst enchanting natural surroundings and is worth visiting for a profound spiritual experience. You can explore some great paintings from international artists exhibited in the Krabi Contemporary Art Museum on a monthly basis. If you wish to take a break from sightseeing and enjoy some tranquillity, visit the Railay Beach.


Fun activities in Krabi

Krabi has some excellent limestone cliffs in Railay, which present some exciting opportunities for rock climbing. You can also enjoy diving in this Thai town at one of the many dive sites scattered across various places. A sea kayaking tour would take you around the beautiful limestone cliffs of this region. It reminds some tourists of their cheap holidays to ottawa and the activities enjoyed in the Canadian capital. For a fantastic shopping experience, visit Tesco Lotus in Ao Nang, located a few kilometres away from the town.


Nightlife in Krabi

As the sun goes down, a vibrant evening lights up the entire town with drinks, parties, and lots of dancing. A good place to enjoy some soothing drinks, chat with locals and tourists, and enjoy some soul and reggae classics is The Night Joy Bar. It is a reggae-themed pub located off Chao Fah Road, which features some fabulous acoustic performers during the weekends.


Accommodation in Krabi

Owing to the growing popularity of Krabi in recent times, you can choose from a number of options in hotels and resorts in this town or its surrounding areas. Luxury hotels and resorts are available for those who are not concerned about budgets. For backpackers and tourists travelling on tight budgets, there are budget resorts and hotels in Krabi. You can get around in this Thai town using open-air buses, motorcycle taxis, converted trucks or river taxis.


Festivals in Krabi

Parties and social events are arranged mainly in the hotels and resorts during Christmas and New Year's Eve. The Songkran Festival is celebrated to mark the Thai New Year with people throwing water on fellow locals as well as tourists. The Vegetarian Festival is celebrated by the local Chinese by practising non-violence and eating only vegetarian food for the first 9 days in the 9th lunar month. Attractive floats are released in water bodies and lanterns are released into the air during the Loy Krathong festival.


Best time to visit Krabi

From the month of January to March, the town experiences a pleasant weather with clear, blue skies and moderate temperatures, making it the best time for a visit. During this time of the year, you would also have lesser chances of rain. Lowest2 provides cheap holidays to Krabi that not only give you greater savings but also include the best experiences of this Thai town.

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