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Witness Unique Natural Features with Vietnam Holidays


As soon as you arrive in Vietnam, you instantly feel the desire to explore its beautiful natural surroundings and a unique cultural heritage. After years of countless wars, the nation has now achieved a commendable economic growth rate since the beginning of the twenty-first century. With the presence of two World Heritage Sites and six biosphere reserves, you would have a memorable holiday visiting all its fascinating attractions.


Food in Vietnam


You would love to eat the national dish of Vietnam known as Pho, which is a noodle soup mainly eaten for breakfast. If you love seafood, Cha ca can be a delightful treat, as it involves white fish sauteed in butter along with other ingredients like spring onions and dill. Banh xeo is a Vietnamese pancake containing shrimp, egg, pork, and bean sprouts fried and wrapped in rice paper before serving with a spicy sauce. The Nha Hang Ngon restaurant in Hanoi is one of the best places to relish authentic Vietnamese dishes.


Tourist attractions in Vietnam


The Halong Bay, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is among the country's must visit attractions. It consists of numerous limestone islands with amazing natural features that can be explored by boats. A visit to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park would take you to the most spectacular caverns. Sa Pa Countryside is a doorway to some mesmerising rural sceneries of terraced rice fields surrounded by lush green peaks. You can enjoy the best of sun and sand on a well-maintained beach called Nha Trang.


Fun things to do in Vietnam


One of the most popular activities enjoyed by the individuals holidaying in Vietnam is trekking, and an ideal place for it is the mountainous region around Sa Pa. You can embark on mountain biking tours along the Truong Son chain of mountains, and also savour awe-inspiring views on the way. Some tourists are reminded of the mountains explored during their cheap holidays to japan upon witnessing these natural wonders. The coastal areas of the country offer you plenty of opportunities to indulge in activities like snorkelling and scuba-diving. A visit to the Vincom Center would give you the chance to enjoy a fantastic shopping experience.


Nightlife in Vietnam


Vietnam's important cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have many options for locals and tourists to have an exciting time after sunset. You can head to any of the popular bars, pubs, or nightclubs during your holidays to Vietnam and experience great nighttime entertainment. Among them is Lush Nightclub, a perfect place to be in during the night for some excellent selection of drinks and the thrilling numbers spun by talented DJs.


Accommodation in Vietnam


While there are expensive international hotels in Vietnam, you would also come across mid-range, older hotels that have been built in Eastern European style. Most of the resorts in the country are located in its countryside regions or near the beaches. Those looking for cheaper accommodations can stay in a guesthouse, youth hostel, or dormitory. You can get around in Vietnam using domestic flights, trains, buses, and air-conditioned minivans.


Festivals in Vietnam


Street decorations and fireworks can be witnessed during Christmas and New Year's Eve in major cities of Vietnam. Known as Tet among locals, the Lunar New Year falls in the month of January or February and is mainly a religious celebration. The Mid-autumn Festival is celebrated in mid-September with paper lanterns and lion dances. You can witness some amazing traditional customs during the bi-annual Hue Festival held in April, May or June.


Best time to visit Vietnam


Autumn from August to October and Spring from February to April are the best times to visit Vietnam. Around these times of the year, the weather is characterised by pleasant daytime temperatures and lighter rainfall. Such climatic conditions are extremely favourable for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. The cheap holidays to Vietnam offered by Lowest2 helps you reduce your overall travel costs to a great extent.