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Holidays to Hue

Hue Holidays

Hue Holidays Take You to Vietnam’s Historic City


Hue, pronounced as 'hway' is a city located in central Vietnam. It was the seat of the country's last ruling family, the Nguyen dynasty. As a result, the royal customs and lifestyles have had a great influence on its population. The city has many historic monuments that attract tourists from different corners of the globe annually. You would enjoy a tranquil atmosphere in this city that blends tradition and modernity with an exceptional brilliance. 


Food in Hue


You would relish Bun Bo Hue, a popular soup made using rice vermicelli and sliced beef with the addition of spices. Another delicious dish worth savouring is Com Hen, which is prepared with rice and boiled mussel as the main ingredients. Nem Lui is a kebab-like dish that combines marinated pork and sticks of lemongrass. One of the best restaurants to enjoy mouth-watering local delicacies during your Hue holidays is the Serene Cuisine Restaurant.


Tourist attractions in Hue


A visit to Hue Imperial City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, would give you the chance to explore many monuments dating back to the nineteenth century. During this visit, you can enjoy the marvellous views of the Perfume River and the Hue Imperial City from Thien Mu Pagoda. You would get to witness an expansive complex filled with lotus lakes and other attractions during your visit to Huyen Tran Princess Temple. If you wish to relax amidst tranquil surroundings on beautiful sands, visit the Thuan An Beach located just 14 kilometres away from Hue.


Fun things to do in Hue


If you wish to move away from the city's noises and enjoy some zip lining, a day trip from the city to Thanh Tan is highly recommended. The Perfume River cruise would help you to discover the best sights of Hue and its surroundings. You would get to visit ancient homes and participate in a variety of activities with the locals of Thuy Bieu Village by taking an eco-tour from Hue. To have a great shopping experience, you can visit the Big C Supermarket.


Nightlife in Hue


This part of Vietnam has very few options to have an exciting nightlife as most of the establishments close before 11 at night. However, you can have a fabulous night at some places in the city. One of them is the Brown Eyes Bar located at Chu Van An street. It is visited by both tourists and locals after sunset to enjoy an extensive menu of cocktails, light-hearted entertainment, a spacious dance floor and some thrilling numbers played by the local DJs.


Stay in Hue


For luxurious accommodations, there are some elegant hotels in the city with tastefully designed rooms or suites. You can also find many options in mid-range and budget hotels in Hue that have the required basic facilities. Hostels and guesthouses provide cheaper accommodations for travellers with limited budgets. You can choose from any of the available modes of transportation, such as taxis, cyclos, and motorcycle or bicycle rentals.


Festivals in Hue


Global events like Christmas and New Year's Eve are celebrated in Hue with great zest by locals and tourists alike. The Hue Festival is a major cultural event in the city and is held every two years. One of the biggest festivals in the city is Hon Chen Temple Festival held twice in a year with fascinating rituals and ceremonies. Organised on the Perfume River, the Boat Race Festival involves boat-racing competitions and incense-burning rituals.


Best time to visit Hue


Hue experiences its spring from the month of February to April and this period is characterised by pleasant climatic conditions, making it the best time to be in this part of Vietnam. The cheap holidays to Hue offered by Lowest2 would give you the chance to explore the best attractions of this city and also reduce your travel costs to a great extent.




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