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Holidays to Saigon

Saigon Holidays

Visit a Lively Vietnamese City with Saigon Holidays


Saigon, officially called Ho Chi Minh City, is a modern metropolis of Vietnam that is always abuzz with activity. It has successfully blended commerce and culture over the past few decades, after a long period of turbulence during the Vietnam War. Today, the city's skyline is characterised by modern high-rises and designer malls that peacefully co-exist with the old buildings and majestic temples. You would feel the pulsating energy of the city during your time spent in this part of the world.


Eating out in Saigon


You would relish Banh Mi, which is a Vietnamese baguette sliced in half and stuffed with pork, mayonnaise, radish, and a few other ingredients. Another delicious treat to savour is Op La, made using eggs cooked in a pan and supplemented with meat, onions, and served with Vietnamese baguettes. A dish from southern Vietnam called Bun Mam is also worth trying for its generous mix of rice vermicelli noodles, squid, prawns and pork. You can enjoy some of the popular local dishes during your Saigon holidays at the Royal Saigon Restaurant.


Places to visit in Saigon


A visit to the War Remnants Museum would take you through the horrors of Indochina War and the Vietnam War with its collection of exhibits and displays of photographic images. You can witness grand interiors and a marvellous show at the Saigon Opera House. The Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral is also worth visiting for its fabulous Neo-Romanesque architecture. If you wish to relax on a tranquil beach, visit the Vung Tau Beach located close to the city.


Fun activities in Saigon


One of the most fantastic experiences in the city would be a two-hour dinner cruise through the Saigon River on a traditional dragon boat. You can enjoy a four-hour golfing experience at the Vietnam Golf and Country Club. A river boat tour of Can Gio Vam Sat Mangrove Forest, located at a distance of about 40 kilometres from Saigon is also worth trying. For a wonderful shopping experience, head to the Aeon Mall.


Nightlife in Saigon


Those seeking an exciting nightlife after dark can find several offerings in Saigon, such as rooftop bars, casinos, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. If you are looking for a place where you can have loads of fun dancing to the tunes of DJs and enjoying some soothing cocktails, visit the Lush Nightclub. It also has a fantastic decor with neon lighting and Manga-style animations.


Accommodation in Saigon


Stays in Saigon during your holidays is made easy with several options ranging from budget accommodations to world-class hotels. If you do not mind spending on luxuries, stay in any of the reputed international hotels. For mid-range budgets, there are some good hotels and lodges available in the city with basic facilities. For cheaper accommodations choose to stay in a budget hotel or guesthouse. You can reach your desired location in the city using a bus, taxi, rented car, motorbike taxi or a cyclo.


Festivals in Saigon


Christmas and New Year's Eve is celebrated with colourful decorations and music, especially in hotels. One of the major festivals is Tet or Vietnamese New Year, which falls in January or February. The Tet Nguyen Tieu or the Lantern Festival celebrated mainly by the local Chinese community with lantern parades. In the end of July, the Le Van Duyet Tomb Festival is held in the Binh Thanh district to mark the death anniversary of the iconic figure from the Nguyen Dynasty.


Best time to visit Saigon


With less humid conditions prevailing in the period between January and April, you can experience a relatively pleasant weather in this dry season. This would be an ideal time to visit the city and enjoy some exciting outdoor activities. Lowest2 offers cheap holidays to Saigon that not only give you greater savings but also include the best attractions of this city.

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