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Indian Ocean Holidays

Your Holidays to Indian Ocean Take You to Idyllic Locations


The Indian Ocean has some fascinating islands that offer perfect settings for tourists to enjoy a well-deserved break from their hectic lives. Swimming, diving, snorkelling and a host of other activities can be enjoyed in its crystal-clear waters. The sandy beaches on its islands are among the most serene ones and relax the visitor instantly. The island nations on the Indian Ocean are not only rich in history and heritage, but also offer diverse natural and man-made features to be explored.


Food in the Indian Ocean islands


Cuisine in the countries located on the Indian Ocean includes generous quantities of locally grown varieties of spices. The food in island nations like Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and Sri Lanka are inspired mostly by the culinary traditions of India and Africa. Your holidays to Indian Ocean would also give you the chance to relish the international cuisines in the restaurants of these countries. Cuisines of the islands on the Indian Ocean mainly involve seafood.


Attractions on the Indian Ocean islands


The Indian Ocean islands never fail to astonish the tourists. Among its amazing destinations is Maldives, which welcomes its visitors with spectacular sights of palm-fringed islands and clear turquoise waters. Mauritius offers you several options in sandy beaches, while its green mountains and waterfalls make for some truly marvellous natural attractions. With an archipelago comprising of 115 islands, Seychelles gives you plenty of choices to unwind; while a rich cultural heritage, sandy beaches, and diverse varieties of flora and fauna await you in Sri Lanka.


Fun activities on the Indian Ocean islands


Enjoy diving in the crystal clear waters while holidaying in Seychelles, and explore some of the most attractive marine species. Maldives offers some excellent facilities to snorkel in the depths of its turquoise waters to witness an amazing aquatic life. Experience the thrill of kite-surfing in Mauritius, as the waters of the ocean are complemented with the blowing winds, resulting in strong currents. Hot air balloon excursions can be enjoyed during your time spent in the beautiful island country, Sri Lanka.


Nightlife in the Indian Ocean islands


Nightlife on the islands of the Indian Ocean is mostly enjoyed in the bars and nightclubs of popular hotels and resorts. In some destinations like Mauritius, beach parties are held by certain clubs that feature dance, drinks and exciting music by international DJs. The holidays Indian Ocean destinations offer would give you the chance to witness the vibrant nightlife of Sri Lanka with excellent varieties of local drinks and some great places like karaoke bars, discos, and nightclubs with live music.


Accommodation in the Indian Ocean islands


The hotels and resorts located on the islands of the Indian Ocean are quite different from their counterparts in rest of the world. They are spread across idyllic spots, which offers tourists some serene environs to unwind and escape the hustle-bustle of crowded places. Lavish accommodations are available for those who do not have any budget constraints. Cost-conscious travellers can choose from a variety of cheaper stays available on the popular islands in the Indian Ocean.


Festivals in the Indian Ocean islands


Christmas, New Year, and Easter are celebrated on the islands of the Indian Ocean along with Islamic festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha. The festivals Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali are celebrated with great zest in the islands like Mauritius. Other festivals of considerable importance are Festival International Kreol, SUBIOS Underwater Festival, La Digue Festival, and Fete Afrique.


Best time to visit the islands of Indian Ocean


Different islands of the Indian Ocean have their own best tourist seasons. In most of these destinations, the sunnier seasons are ideal for enjoying activities on their beaches. The Indian Ocean holidays offered by Lowest2 include the best destinations in this part of the world at affordable prices.

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