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Holidays to Ajman

Ajman Holidays

Get to an Idyllic Emirati City with Ajman Holidays


To the north of Sharjah, Ajman is the capital city of Ajman emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was adversely affected by the economic downturn of 2007-2008, but has now begun work on the development projects that had to be stalled during the financial crisis. Ajman is considered as an attractive and relatively idyllic getaway by travellers visiting the UAE. You would have a wonderful time in the city strolling on its palm-lined beach and exploring places that remind tourists of its cultural heritage.


Eating out in Ajman


A popular delicacy in Ajman is the Hummus, which is a mixture of olive oil, chickpeas, tahini paste, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. You can enjoy this delicious treat during your Ajman holidays with bread or Shawarma. The best place to relish this dish is Impero Restaurant, which opens at around 11:00 am and continues to serve its patrons until 2:00 am.


Places to visit in Ajman


You can find some interesting exhibits and archaeological finds in Ajman Museum, which was earlier a fortress built in the eighteenth century. Seneyah Island, located close to Dubai is a good place to witness deer, birds and Al Qaram trees. Both children and adults can have an exciting time in a huge entertainment complex called Dreamland Aqua Park, which has themed rides and a giant wave pool. You can take a break from your sightseeing trips and relax on the Ajman Beach.


Fun activities in Ajman


The Hajar mountain range that stretches from the United Arab Emirates to the southern part of Oman offers good opportunities for hiking. Experienced bikers can also try mountain biking in this region, following the tracks created by camels and goats. You can go on a desert safari with the help of local tour operators and try a range of activities like camel riding, wildlife spotting and sand-boarding. The Ajman City Centre would give you the chance to shop for your desired items.


Nightlife in Ajman


You would not have many options in Ajman to enjoy a wonderful nightlife, as compared to the other cities in the UAE. However, you can get to enjoy your favourite drinks and dance to the tune of DJs in the bars and clubs located in the popular hotels of the city. Some of the clubs in these hotels also host live performances by international artists on a frequent basis.


Accommodation in Ajman


From luxury hotels to budget accommodations, Ajman offers a variety of options for your stay according to your budget while holidaying in the city. Getting around in Ajman is made convenient with the presence of a highly efficient public transport system. It involves taxi services that offer special services to ladies and individuals with special needs. Buses run by Ajman Public Transport Corporation would also give you a great deal of convenience in getting to your desired location in the city.


Festivals in Ajman


After observing daily fasts for the entire month of Ramadan, the locals celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr to mark its end. Eid-al-Adha is another major festival in Ajman, which falls on the 10th day of the Islamic month Dhu-al-Hijjah. In addition to these festivals, a major event held in this city of UAE is the two-day Liwa Ajman Date Festival. This festival is aimed at promoting tourism in the region and educating farmers on caring for the date palms and adopting modern ways of farming.


Best time to visit Ajman


The climate in Ajman is at its best during the period from November to March. You can enjoy some rainy days between the months of December and March, while the daytime temperatures around this time of the year rarely rise beyond the 28-Degree Celsius mark. Lowest2 offers cheap holiday packages to Ajman that gives you a great deal of savings to be utilised while holidaying in the region.

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