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Holidays to Muscat

Muscat Holidays

Unwind in the Exotic Omani Capital with Muscat Holidays


There is something about Muscat that distinguishes it from its neighbouring capital cities. Almost every building in this Omani capital reflects the rich traditions of the country. Muscat gives you the chance to experience a laid-back holiday amid fascinating locations, while the city's historic attractions, exotic cuisine, and adventurous activities make your time in this region truly exciting. While holidaying in this city, you would surely feel the enchantment of being in an idyllic destination.


Eating out in Muscat


Oman's delicacies are a unique blend of Arabian and Indian culinary traditions. The popular dishes served in most of the local restaurants and cafes are Biryani and Shawarma. Besides these dishes, you can also taste a few Indian curries and grills of the Middle East. You can enjoy some delectable dishes in the restaurants Mumtaz Mahal and Ubhar Bistro. Tourists can have a filling meal during their Muscat holidays at any of the restaurants and cafes in the city at an unbelievably lower price.


Important places in Muscat


The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the Royal Opera House are a must-visit for every tourist holidaying in Muscat. Built during the 13th and 14th centuries, the Bahla Fort is also a popular attraction. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1987. During your holiday in this region, you can spend some pleasant moments on the powdery sands of Marjan and Qantab beaches.


Fun activities in Oman


While in Muscat, you can embark on day tours to the fort of Nizwa. A private desert safari can take you through the Hajar mountains to the Wahiba desert. A dhow cruise from Muscat gets you started on a two-hour sunset sail, allowing you to witness the sleepy villages, Muttrah's Corniche, medieval forts, Al Bustan Palace and the old Muscat harbour. You can have a delightful shopping experience at the Muscat City Centre and the Muscat Grand Mall.


Nightlife in Oman


Among the favourite after-dark activities in Muscat are late-night shopping in the nearest mall or chilling out in the city's pubs. Most of the licensed bars, restaurants, and pubs are found in the elegant hotels of Muscat, located in Muttrah and Ruwi. The Copacabana Nightclub in the Grand Hyatt hotel has an amazing dance floor complemented with glittering neon lights. Coffee shops are found in every nook and corner, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee along with a few kebabs.


Accommodation in Muscat


The hotels concentrated mainly in the prominent areas of Muscat offer quality accommodations for tourists, along with exciting entertainment options after sunset. However, these hotels are quite expensive for the cost-conscious traveller. If you are seeking a budget accommodation, you can choose any of the mid-range or low-cost hotels located in the Old Town.


Festivals of Muscat


Muslims in the Omani capital observe fast from dawn to dusk during their holy month of Ramadan. Tents are put up in gardens across the city for them to break their fast with sweetmeats and a thick cereal dish called 'Harees'. The Muscat Festival is a big annual event in the city and showcases the Omani and Arab cultures with traditional dances, poetry recitals and displays of craft. The National Day is celebrated on the 18th of November with great fervour and some exciting events.


Best time to visit


Winter months from October to March is the best time to visit this city, as the daytime temperatures rarely exceed the limit of 30 degree Celsius. It creates a perfect environment for tourists to enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities. The holidays to Muscat offered by Lowest2 help you explore this amazing Omani city at lower prices.

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