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Sometimes, life gets so busy and out of order that you earnestly desire to take some time off from your hectic life and unwind in an exciting travel destination. However, the costs involved in getting a suitable package for your holiday go way beyond your budget and you find yourself hunting for the best deals online. Despite all the time invested in finding the right deal, you may not always come across one.

The answer to this is low cost holidays that reduce your travel costs to a great extent. While creating such type of holidays, all the elements that lower the overall cost of travel are combined under a single package. They also include certain beaches that are explored by tourists during their beach holidays. Most of these packages include cheap flights and budget hotel accommodations.

Some of the destinations in this world have their unique beauty and tourist attractions that never fail to fascinate tourists. This is the reason why they are explored every year by millions of individuals coming from different corners of the globe. They can be excellent low-cost alternatives for a holiday during certain seasons, which helps you have greater savings upon booking a holiday in any of these destinations.

In addition to low cost holidays, Lowest2 also provides low cost all inclusive holidays that include some of the fascinating holiday destinations of the world, the cheapest flights to those destinations from the leading airlines, and stays in the elegant hotels or resorts in such places with discounted room rates. You can also have the most interesting places included in these holidays.



The French capital has mesmerised its visitors for centuries with its magnificent monuments, elegant boulevards, and a lively atmosphere. You would enjoy your holidays in this city, exploring some of its iconic attractions, such as the renowned Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Notre Dame cathedral. Paris is also a place where you would enjoy some memorable shopping experiences as it is a hub of fashion and an international trendsetter. If you are a history buff, there are some elegant museums worth exploring in this city as well. The Louvre Museum and Musee d'Orsay are among the most popular ones.



Your holiday spent in this majestic European country would allow you to discover some of the famous architectural marvels, mesmerising landscapes, and colourful festivals. The Spanish territory also covers the Canary and Balearic Islands, which means, you would also have plenty of options to go island-hopping or to simply relax on the sandy beaches. While in Spain, you can also move away from popular attractions and visit some hilltop towns and villages to witness their beautiful natural surroundings. Do not forget to take a break during your sightseeing trips and enjoy a few delicious treats from the Spanish cuisine.



Founded in the early 20th century as a small fishing village, this city located in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt has now become one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. Tourists from different corners of the world arrive in this part of Egypt to enjoy complete relaxation and also to indulge in popular water sports, such as yachting and kite-surfing. Another exciting aspect of Hurghada is its pleasantly warm weather and opportunities to have a great nightlife. Snorkelling and scuba diving are among the popular recreational activities that you can try while in this Egyptian coastal city.



A visit to this North African country would be a wonderful opportunity to delve into its rich cultural heritage and intriguing history. It was founded by the Idrisid dynasty in the late 8th century and was ruled by several independent dynasties since then. The warm hospitality of the locals would be a delight while getting around in its popular cities, such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, and the capital city of Rabat. During your holiday in this country, you would also get to have some unforgettable shopping experiences in the traditional markets located mostly in the old neighbourhoods called 'medinas'.



While enjoying your holidays in this enchanting region in the southern parts of continental Portugal, you would be delighted to find some golden beaches, magnificent cliffs, and gorgeous islands. Considering the immense natural beauty of Algarve, it hardly comes as a surprise that the region is visited by more than 4 million tourists annually from various corners of the world. Adventure seekers can have excellent options in outdoor activities such as hiking and surfing. You would also come across vast expanses of almond trees and citrus orchards while exploring the rolling countryside.



You can have loads of fun in this 'City of Music' as it carries an impressive musical heritage. This city has produced legendary music composers, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss, and Franz Schubert. Even today, you can watch some brilliant performances at the most incredible venues. Your visits to the elegant restaurants of the city allow you to taste some delicious varieties of the Austrian cuisine. The bars and pubs of this city would serve you the finest selection of Austrian wines. Vienna is also home to some historic buildings, which have an amazing Baroque architecture.



A transcontinental country with a rich history and cultural heritage, Turkey has many astonishing architectural wonders and scenic places in store for its visitors. Most of its geographical area is located in Western Asia and the remaining portion in Southeast Europe's Balkan Peninsula. During your time spent in this country, you'll get to see world-famous monuments and ancient ruins dating back to various times in history, such as the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman eras. You can also witness the most awe-inspiring sceneries while exploring different parts of the country. You would also get to taste the most delectable dishes from the Turkish cuisine while holidaying in Turkey.



Situated at the crossroads of the Asian, European, and African continents, Greece is a country with a glorious past and a delightful present. Your holiday in this country would take you to the roots of Western culture and some captivating natural features in its popular tourist hotspots. The Greek islands would instantly relax your senses with their beauty and serenity, while the restaurants and cafes in the nation's major cities serve some mouth-watering local dishes and drinks. You can also try some adventures upon venturing outdoors, such as kite-surfing, rock-climbing, and wreck-diving.


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