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Want to get more out of a single holiday package? Book any of our excellent range of multi centre holidays that allow you to enjoy more than one destination without having to book separate packages for each. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this wonderful opportunity and enrich your holiday experiences by exploring fabulous attractions in multiple destinations.

Get More in a Single Package with our Multi Centre Holidays


With the presence of so many exciting destinations across the world, why limit yourself to only one particular destination to enjoy your well-deserved break? Now, with the Multi Centre Holidays of Lowest2, you can have two or more destinations combined in a single, cost-effective package. It not only makes your holiday memorable but also gives you the opportunity to witness some of the most spectacular attractions that could have never been possible in a single travel destination.


You can choose from a range of packages that we have created to offer you some fabulous experiences during your holiday. They cover all the popular global destinations that are chosen by individuals and families in different parts of the world to enjoy their holidays. We have listed some of the most well-known regions that are explored quite often by the travellers. However, these are by no means the only destinations that we have covered in our multi centre holidays, as we are always on the lookout for new places and experiences for you.


The Far East


Multi centre holidays are ideal for the places located in the Far East, as they have a wide range of attractions you would never like to miss out during your trip. Be it the natural attractions in the enchanting islands like BaliPenang and Phuket or the exciting offerings in leading cities like Hong KongBangkok and Singapore, the Far East is certainly intriguing. You would also find interesting cultural attractions in places like Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi.


The Middle East and Indian Ocean Islands


If you wish to live your Arabian fantasy, head to the Middle East. This part of the world never fails to astonish you with its megacities and a heart-warming hospitality. You would be amazed to witness the towering skyscrapers of Dubai and the beautiful sand dunes of the desert regions. The Middle East also connects you to an interesting past with its unique cultural attractions. To experience vast expanses of fascinating landscapes, there is no better place than the islands of the Indian Ocean, such as Maldives. It is among those few places in the world that has been formed by several atolls, or ring-shaped islands.


The United States of America


The leading cities of the United States of America welcome you with their cosmopolitan atmosphere and some wonderful offerings that would leave you spellbound. When you are in Orlando, you can explore the thrilling rides and entertaining shows at the magnificent theme parks. Las Vegas is a city that is full of entertainment at every corner with elegantly crafted casinos and hotels that have different themes. If you wish to relax on one of the charming beaches of the United States and savour some mouth-watering delicacies from different cuisines of the world head to cities like Miami and New York.